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Performance and practice CD incl. explanation!

The easiest way to recognize and master all rhythms!
Structured and successful concept since more than 20 years! 








"A very impressive selection of drum solos & rhythms with
28 titles, ... this CD, with some explanations in the booklet (included), offers a clearly structured & varied range
of drum solos."
- Orient Magazine

28 titles, 65 minutes

               Use our player to listen to 10 sec. of each title.

Including Rhythm Cheat-Sheet with explanations!

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price 12,00€

Another outstanding instructional DVD from Leyla Jouvana
"The Shimmy Queen!"

In this program, Leyla teaches technique for several popular belly dance moves, then adds more moves to them in multiple layers. You can do as many or as few as you feel comfortable with, then add more layers as you advance - making this DVD suitable for every level of dancer.

You will learn the Maya, Suheir Zaki, Half Hagala, Camel, Reverse Camel, Torso Rotations, and more! And each major segment includes an entire series of layers that you can do in place and traveling. Because of the great variety of layers and combinations, the movements taught in this program can be used in every part of your dance, from Chiftetelli to Drum Solo. And there is plenty of drilling to help you attain muscle memory and perfect your technique.

Also included is costumed performance to live music by Roland on Tabla, so you can see how both simple and complex layers can be used to add excitement and dimension to your dance.

Whether you are just beginning your belly dance journey, or have been dancing for years, this DVD will undoubtedly give you great new material and inspiration for your own performances.

Running time: 120 minutes, Language: EN

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price 24,90€

The ultimate learning DVD with the following Shimmies:

Rotation, Hip, Gawazee-Stomp-Shimmy, Cairo Style Shimmy, Egyptian Kneeshimmy, Muscle-Shimmy, Muscular Hip Combo, Vibrating Shimmy, Afro Vertical, Vibrating Afro Combo, Shoulder, Tiptoe Shimmy, Afro-Tiptoe shimmy, Twist, Diaphragm, Hand, Samba, Floor-Knee-Shimmy, Calf and Buttockshimmy.

Important variations of the shimmy such as e.g. The Hagalla and the so-called 3/4-Shimmy, are systematically and logically explained by Leyla Jouvana using music theory (Triole), which is referred on her worldwide tours as "Shimmy Queen" by the press.  

Running time approx. 65 min. Language: EN


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price 24,90€

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price 24,90€

The Shimmy Queen is back!
In this DVD Leyla Jouvana shows why she's called the Shimmy Queen with more of her trademark moves. Leyla teaches 10 new shimmies and lots of new variations and traveling combinations using the shimmies featured on the popular "21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations" DVD. Leyla completely breaks down the technique for each shimmy and combination, explaining which muscles to use and the secrets of weight changes. There's plenty of demonstration and follow-along to make sure you get it right. You'll learn exotic new moves such as the Egyptian Vibration Shimmy, the Combined Flutter, Muscle & Hip Shimmy, and the Asian or Persian Head Shimmy, and new Hip Shimmy variations and fun traveling Hip Shimmy combinations including: * Camel walk undulation * Double Hagallah * Arabic step combination with Suhair Zaki step and shimmy * Arabic Figure 8 with shimmy on diagonal circle * and More! Because shaking your hips isn't enough, Leyla teaches the technique to master the Rotation Bust Shimmy, the Combined Bust & Hip Rotation, and these popular Shoulder Shimmies: * Raqs Sharqi * Khaleegy (Saudi Arabian) * Balady * Vertical Shoulders used in Folkloric styles such as Nubian & Turkish Rom (gypsy) * Persian * African And because shaking your shoulders isn't enough, she also shows you how to layer and use these shimmies in combinations! Then Leyla shows you more variations of the Ghawazee Shimmy, the Muscle Shimmy, and the Tip-Toe Shimmy with the Maya, traveling undulations and Figure 8s! Plus more Twist Variations and Flutter Variations! Finally, a Shimmilicious performance by Leyla with drumming by Roland!

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new price 15.00€
(before 24,90€)

Rhythmuskunde mit Leyla Jouvana - Teil 1

Leyla Jouvana vermittelt auf dieser DVD durch ein klar strukturiertes Konzept die gängigsten Rhythmen des orientalischen Tanzes, die nicht nur aus dem arabischen Raum stammen, sondern auch aus dem westlichen, aus Asien und Lateinamerika.

1. Der Fallahi - ein schneller und erdiger Bauerntanz
2. Der mystische Zaar oder Ayoub, wobei Zaar den Rhythmus und Malfouf eher den Tanz bezeichnet
3. der "treibende", schnelleMalfouf er wird zB. als Entree oder Finale einer klassischen Tanzroutine verwendet, allerdings jeweils in anderen Varianten.
4. der schnelle Karachi, der eher afrikanisch als orientalisch anmutet
5. der Saoudi mit seinem schleppenden Rhythmus, der beim bekannten "Haartanz" verwendet wird
6. Der Saidi-Rhythmus u.a. mit seinem speziellen "Hopser"
7. der stolze Tango Rhythums, der sich gut mit orientalischen Rhythmen und Bewegungen vermischt zum Tango-Oriental
8. der fröhliche Karshliamar, der sich z.B. für Zigeunertänze geeignet

Alle Stufen

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price 24,90€

Erfolgreich Zimbeln mit Profi-Konzept, Vol.1

Ihr klar strukturiertes Konzept garantiert ein schnelles und einfaches Erlernen des Zimbelspiels.

Folgende Rhythmen und Zimbelmuster (mit Variationen und Übergängen) werden erlernt:

  • Masmoudi-Saghir,

  • Maksoum,

  • Saidi,

  • Fallahi,

  • Chiftetelli,

  • Galopp, etc.

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price 24,90€

Orientalisches Trommeln mit Roland, Vol.1

Das seinerzeit erste auf dem Markt! Unser Bestseller, erneute Auflage. Wir sind stolz, dass dieses Video vielen Trommlern und Tänzerinnen weltweit als Lernvorlage und sogar für ihre eigenen Videoproduktionen dient. Folgende Rhythmen werden didaktisch gut erklärt: Masmoudi-Saghir und Kabir, Maksoum, Saidi, Fallahi, Zaar, Malfouf, Chiftetelli.


Zitat Orient Magazin:


"Roland, der sich auch in seinen WS durch seine ruhige und verständnisvolle Art auszeichnet, gelingt es auch in seinem Video, den Stoff sympathisch und gut verständlich zu vermitteln".


100 Minuten.


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